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Our mantra at MacMyDay is Back-up, Back-up, Back-up!
Most of us are doing this via an external hard drive, using Apple’s Time Machine to hourly take a snapshot and back-up all of our irreplaceable data: documents, photos, music and movies. Having a local back-up of all or our files is essential and necessary to recover in the event of a crash, or worse.

Now that we’re in the middle of Fire season, it is apparent that having a local back-up might not be enough. The solution is not only having all of our data backed-up locally, but also having all of our data backed-up offsite to a Cloud based storage (In case of a Fire, Catastrophe or if Theft happens, all your data is stored off-site, on a protected and secured cloud storage solution).

We use and recommend using BackBlaze for Unlimited cloud based back-ups. This means, no matter what size your hard drive is (500GB, 1TB, 3TB, etc…) it makes no difference. Even if you have external hard drives connected to your Mac with data on them (except Time Machines), and as long as they’re mounted to your computer, they to will be backed-up to the BackBlaze cloud, all for $50 a year. Consider this like an insurance policy for your irreplaceable data, but kept offsite.

BackBlaze is easy to get and set up. Click this link:

Backblaze cloud backup
And you will taken over to the BackBlaze web site and then click on Personal Back-up.
There is a 15 day trial, but we suggest purchasing the yearly annual fee of $50 for piece of mind.



Have your Time Machine external drive checked to make sure it is backing-up properly. If you don’t have one, contact us immediately and we’ll set one up for you. And we can also help set-up BackBlaze too for you. For more information, contact your MacMyDay rep right away!

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