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MacMyDay and LACERS Well 2018

The MacMyDay crew, for the iPhone/iPd training LACERS Well training seminar 2018.
L-R: Lisa, Justin, Jake, Tommy, CJ, Todd and Gerald.

2018 MacMyDay LACERS Well iPhone/iPad training
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101 Intro

  1. Passcode access & Touch ID
  2. Accessing WiFi
  3. Phone (Making Calls)
  4. Adding Contacts 
  5. Accessing Voicemail 
  6. Camera (photos/video)
  7. Texting (pics & Videos)
  8. Send and receiving E-Mails.
  9. Accessing the App Store & downloading Apps
  10. Using Siri and voice dictation.

Command of iPhone

  1. Using Maps & Waze for navigation
  2. Health & Medical ID (track your health, medications, Dr. and emergency contact info),
  3. Battery Life (conserving)
  4. Control Center (make life easy with a swipe up)
  5. Using FaceTime for video and audio calls.
  6. Emergency SOS.
  7. Why drive when you can use Uber or Lyft
  8. The importance of iCloud & iCloud back-up and other Settings.

Social Media, Health & Security

  1. Using a proper case to protect your device.
  2. Lost your iPhone or iPad, use Find My Phone.
  3. The Touch ID for instant access into your phone & secure apps.
  4. Find Friends (Allows people to know where you are & find you and you can do the same with family & friends (GPS tracking).
  5. Secure digital paying with Apple Pay.
  6. Web surfing with Safari
  7. Social Media. Connecting with people on Facebook (And other social media like Twitter & Instagram). Searching for a place to eat, drink or other services, it’s all about Yelp. View the latest videos, sports highlights and now live events on YouTube.


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LACERS Well members Q&A

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