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macmyday_ipodIt was 13-years ago today that Apple’s Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPod. And changed the world forever.

In the way-back-machine, in 2001 MP3 players were hard to come by an sucked. They only held few songs, or were big and bulky and only were able to hold a couple hundred songs. Let alone the design qualities were horrible.

And along came Apple with the iPod, changing the world forever. With state of the art design and innovation. And as years passed, and the iPod evolved. And as other companies kept coming up with what they called “iPod Killers”… and all have fallen to the waste side. Even big companies like Microsoft failed (Anyone remember the Microsoft Zune player? Does Microsoft?).

The iPod was about the size of a pack of playing cards. And was able to fit in your pocket. And holding a 1000 songs!

Click below to watch the 2001 introduction to the iPod with Steve Jobs.


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