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Buy female viagra online india, Best online store to buy viagra



At MacMyDay, Inc. We offer Macintosh & iPad/iPhone training for small or large groups as well as individual training sessions. We also support training for educational institutions faculty and staff.

We offer everything from basic Mac and iOS training to moderate and advanced training. We come to you at your office, educational center or home and we will customize each training session to you or your groups specific training needs.

We make the training session is fun and take our time to make sure everyone understands and answer participants questions.


On April 27, 2018 MacMyDay teamed up again to work with LACERSWell for another Tech Seminar for more than 50 their members on how to use the iPhone and iPad. MacMyDay had a full crew to help out the many LACERSWell members who showed up at the Parnell Park Community Center. It was a full house. Not only did the members get reviewed on iPhone and iPad 101 basics. But using social media and security/safety, and many more iPhone and iPad functionality. And the important Life Saving features like the Apple iPhone Find Friends/GPS, Emergency SOS, Health app and the Medical ID. It was a a was a fun learning experience for the LACERSWell members.



MacMyDay and LACERS Well 2018

The MacMyDay crew, for the iPhone/iPd training LACERSWell training seminar 2018.
L-R: Lisa, Justin, Jake, Tommy, CJ, Todd and Gerald.


MacMyDay and LACERS Well 2018

MacMyDay’s Todd showing iPad functionality.


MacMyDay and LACERS Well 2018

MacMyDay’s Lisa showing a LACERSWell member how to use some of the iPhone functionality.


MacMyDay and LACERS Well 2018

MacMyDay’s Justin showing how to do the iPhone Touch ID.


MacMyDay and LACERS Well 2018

MacMyDay’s Jake and Gerald helping LACERSWell users with their iPhones and iPads.


MacMyDay and LACERS Well 2018

LACERSWell members getting prepped for the MacMyDay iPhone/iPAd training seminar.



On August 30, 2016 MacMyDay showed up in force (on August 30th, 2016) at a seminar to train over 100 members of LacersWell (Los Angeles City Employee Retirement System).

MacMyDay showed up in force to train the members of LacersWell (Los Angeles City Employee Retirement System). L-R: Steve, CJ, Jake, Tommy, Todd and Violetta.


MacMyDay Inc. Training LacersWell

Starting the Keynote presentation for the LacersWell iPhone and iPad training seminar.


MacMyDay Inc. Training LACERS

The LacersWell members with MacMyDay for hands on training.


MacMyDay Inc. Training LACERS

Steve from MacMyDay give hands on personal support during the training seminar.


MacMyDay Inc. Training LACERS

Seen here is Tommy, MacMyDay M.C. at the LacersWell training seminar.


MacMyDay Inc. Training LACERS

Violetta giving personal support.

Each training session is customized to you and your company’s needs… from one-day training seminars to multi-day training intensives. Our training also includes an interactive video presentation and hands outs to everyone attending the training. We also have a open forum and Q&A to help with all questions and concerns from you and your staff. Contact us if you or your company are interested in a training session with the Mac or iPhone/iPad.

818-252-9165 or email at: where to buy Lyrica cream